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Month: November 2016

How To Handle Problems

Quite a few people asked me,” Charlie, do you have any problems?” Here’s my reply to this question, “I have more problems than you.”

Everybody Has Problem

Many people have these beliefs, that the more successful you become, the less problems you will have. They also believe, the more money you make, the fewer problems you have. Lastly, if you can make all the money in the world, you will have no problems.

In fact, through my own experience, the more success you have, the more problems you will face. The more money you make, the more problems you will encounter. I can confidently say that I have more problems than anyone of you reading this.

Using myself as an example, I get worried about my employees every single month. I worry about my businesses not meeting the sales mark, not generating enough revenue. I worry about overheads each month, and I worry about customers complaining. I also have to deal with internal relations in my businesses and companies. There are partnership issues, issues with overseas partners and businesses. There are also issues of staff conflict within my companies.

Do you now believe I have no problems? So the important question to ask is, “What’s the best way to deal with problems in life”? The key is how to address your belief about what a problem means. If you see a problem as something that is there to stop you, there to make life difficult, you know what, you are going to be really miserable.

How To Do

Here’s my belief about problems. I believe problems are doorways to opportunities. Behind every problem is an opportunity to learn more and to make more money. I believe problems are here to teach us lessons. Everybody has problems, so it is more important to learn how to deal with those problems and get stronger over time.

Solving one problem at a time and becoming stronger and dealing with your own problems is essential compared to, sweeping them under a carpet only to eventually realize that everything is a big mess. Clean things up step by step and you will find that things are much clearer for you.

Here’s the last key and this has helped me face and deal with the problems I face. I treat it life as a game. Every time I encounter a problem, I always feel that behind every problem is an opportunity to learn more or to make more money. I reframe problems in this manner that is why I love problems.

Lastly, I am not going to fool you saying that whenever I face problems, I never get upset. I do. I do get upset sometimes. It’s a human reaction. It’s only natural. Only a robot can be able to not be upset. When I get upset over my problems, I only allow myself 20 minutes to be upset. So for that 20 minutes, I get really pissed off, I get really angry, I curse the whole world, I blame everybody. After 20 minutes, I take responsibility for it. In this way, I have released my frustrations but at the end of the day, I take responsibility.

Closing Mark

The only time you are not going to have problems is when you are in the graveyard. So be grateful for your problems, learn and view them as opportunities for improvement. You’ll be better equipped towards tackling your problems this way!